Monday, March 21, 2011

Unique Creative Sound System :)

Everything comes in a package, Glass with water, plates with delicious meals, music is also served with an Awesome sound system. Here are some Unique Creative Sound System all around the globe! :) -MSMK

                     Inspirations are found and develop by Art Solutions :) -MSMK

Awesome ipad Gadgets :)

For All the ipad lovers, here are some awesome ipad gadgets which may inspire you! :) -MSMK

 Inspirations are found and develop by Art Solutions :) -MSMK

Amazing Coca-Cola Advertising :)

Everyone Adores Coke especially Coca-Cola. Here are some of their awesome unique guerrilla ads! :) -MSMK

                    Inspirations are found and develop by Art Solutions :) -MSMK

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Most Awesome Ice Tray :)

Every fridge has their own ice compartment where you have 'ICE TRAY'. This time lets see some Drop Dead Awesome ice trays :) -MSMK

Education in Drinking for child :)
22/7= :)
Tetris :)
Bullets :)
Fashion lovers :)
Fossil Fans :)
Try Ice Fish :)
Jewels Fans :)
Titanic :)
Try Snowflakes :)
You Rock! :)
LEGO Fans :)
Awesome! :)
ICE Mugs! :)
Hemisphere :)
ICE Invaders :)
White Strawberry :)
Granny's Best :)
Princess ICE :)
Pirates Favorite :)

Hope we inspire you! :) -MSMK