Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unusual Bizarre Hoodies :)

We all have our own Awesome and favorite hoodies. lets take a look at these awesome bizarre hoodies! :) -MSMK

Monsters :)

24 hours Musics :)

Need Guns :)

Full Cover Hoodies :) 

Batman Fans :)

Free X-Rays ;)

Pacman Fans! :)

Cutes :)

Ipod Hoodies :)

Robbers :)

The New Superhero :)

Spidermans brother :)

Love them all :)

Hope it inspires you! :) -MSMK

Awesome Bike Accessories :)

Everyone must have had that bike riding experience! whether in great childhood moments or even up until now, BMX, Fixies, and more. Here are some Awesome Bike Accessories that you should see :) -MSMK

Awesome rims! :)

Important Files :)

More awesome for your bottle! :)

Iphone Fans! :)

Read while riding :)

Mush Bizarre :)

Torch :)

Extension Compartment ;) travel more!

Starbucks! :)

Wood Fans! :)

Enjoy Musics :)

Riding in a rainy day ;)

Hope they inspires you -MSMK 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amazing Office Inside Mother Nature :)

A lot of people love nature and fight for it. Love or not we are actually living with it, the oxygen, the photosynthesis process are a must for us ordinary humans, what happens if we are really obsesses and too concern about nature? this is the result, Amazing Office Inside Mother Nature :) -MSMK

                                                 Overall View of the AWESOME Office! :)
                                                                      Working Base :)
                                                                       Designers Place! :)
                                                                          Side View! :)
                                                  One line Two Colors, One Area Two places! ;)
                                                                      Finished Working! :)
                                                                              Autumn :)
                                                                      Late Night Shift :)

                                                            Hope it inspires you -MSMK

How Babies Make An Art :)

Everyone loves babies, but what if babies make an art? lets see some Brilliant ideas made my these artist by replacing painting tools with babies! :) -MSMK

                                                                          Jr. Astronaut :)
                                                                             Buildings :)
                                                                Book Worm! ;) Future Albert Einstein
                                                                   Super Pinky Women :)
                                                                             Surfing! :)
                                                               Playing with a Clown ;)
                                                                      Elephant Rider :)
                                                                            Future Monk :)

                                                               Hope it inspires you -MSMK

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How CPU Could Be Real Awesome :)

Have you ever imagined how CPU could me more Awesome? here are some suggestions of bizarre ones around the globe that will really knock you down  :) -MSMK

Combi! :)

This is more than a tablet :)

As a power Generator :)

Edward Scissors CPU! :)

Awesome :)

Truly Aquatic with free generator! :)

Super bike Fans ;)

Skyline Fans! :)

Play PES eat BBQ :)

Need an oven? ;)

Hope it inspire you :) -MSMK