Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amazing Office Inside Mother Nature :)

A lot of people love nature and fight for it. Love or not we are actually living with it, the oxygen, the photosynthesis process are a must for us ordinary humans, what happens if we are really obsesses and too concern about nature? this is the result, Amazing Office Inside Mother Nature :) -MSMK

                                                 Overall View of the AWESOME Office! :)
                                                                      Working Base :)
                                                                       Designers Place! :)
                                                                          Side View! :)
                                                  One line Two Colors, One Area Two places! ;)
                                                                      Finished Working! :)
                                                                              Autumn :)
                                                                      Late Night Shift :)

                                                            Hope it inspires you -MSMK