Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspiring Bag Packs :)

Everyone has their own favorite bag's, well these are some example of inspiring Bag Packs! :) -MSMK

This is a must have bag pack for Gadget lovers.

This is inspired from the CSI bullet prove vest! :)

Musicians! :)

Star Wars, damn i want one! :) (really rare)

Inspiring one! :)

Nintendo lovers! :)

Star Wars lovers! :)

Pet Lovers! :)

Cute! :)

Black Dragon! ;)

Solar Energy! :)

You bring the whole globe with you! (with this one you'll never get lost)

Bugs Life! :)

Pervert! :(

Jacket, more on fashion on winter! :)

Buggy man! :)

Yoda, take care! :)

Hope the designs inspire you! :) -MSMK


  1. the star wars version are damn cool! wish i had that one ;)

  2. Damn Awesome! I Wish I had one also :) Real Rare, i would pay more than its price! :)