Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really Bizarre Aquariums You Have Never Seen :)

Almost 70% of our world is covered with water, even our body are 70% made out of water. So, is water important to us? They are, even for the fishes to live their lives! here are some unique and bizarre aquariums you really should see! :) -MSMK

Awesome Sink Aquarium :)

Star Wars Fans! :)

Table Aquarium :)

Phone Box Aquarium :(

Television Aquarium? :)

Designers Aquarium :)

Sitting and enjoying the fishes :)

ipod fans :)

Designers collections :)

As a Wall :)

Geometric Table :)

A Big one :)

Creative Advertising :)

Hang Aquariums :)

Designers Aquarium :)

Macintosh Aquariums :)

Steve Jobs Collection :)

Hope you love all these amazing bizarre aquariums! :) -MSMK

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