Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bizarre Unusual Foods Around the Globe :)

Ordinary foods are boring! then what would unusual food be like? lets see some really bizarre foods all around this Awesome globe of ours :) -MSMK

Meat Sauce :)

Pizzas on Pizza! this is what Italy is all about :)

Long Egg :)

White Strawberry :)

Cone Pizzas! :)

White PEPSI with YOGURT :)

Burger in Cans ;)

Wear gloves and eat them :)

Pyramid Watermelons :)

You wont need Burger King anymore :)

Oscar :)

Turtles :)

Lollipops :)

Ninja Turtle Vege :)

Need Gold Foods? :)

Nutella with Hot Chocolate :)

Pear :)

Need more blood? ;)

Valentines for the goth :)

Sandwich Pizza :)

Chocolate pills :) children will never go ill ;)

                                                            Hope it inspire you! :) -MSMK

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